Wednesday, October 1, 2014

the brilliant green

Artist: the brilliant green
Genre: Alternative, Pop, Pop Rock, Rock
Origin: Japan

[1997.09.21] Bye Bye Mr. Mug (Single)

[1997.12.01] goodbye and good luck (Single)

[1998.05.13] There will be love there -Ai no Aru Basho- [There will be love there - 愛 の ​​あ る 場所 -] (Single)

[1998.08.26] Tsumetai Hana [冷 た い 花] (Single)

[1998.09.19] the brilliant green (Album)

[1999.01.27] Sono Speed ​​de [そ の ス ピ ー ド で] (Single)

[1999.03.10] Nagai Tameiki no You ni [長 い た め 息 の よ う に] (Single)

[1999.08.18] Ai no ♥ Ai no Hoshi [愛 の ★ 愛 の 星] (Single)

[1999.09.08] Terra 2001 (Album)

[1999.09.22] CALL MY NAME (Single)

[1999.12.01] BYE! MY BOY! (Single)

[2000.04.01] Super Terra 2000 (Live Album)

[2000.05.31] Hello Another Way -Sorezore no Basho- [Hello Another Way - そ れ ぞ れ の 場所 -]

[2000.11.15] angel song -Eve no Kane- [angel song - イ ヴ の 鐘 -] (Single)

[2001.01.01] Los Angeles (Album)

[2002.04.24] Forever to me ~ Owari Naki Kanashimi ~ [Forever to me ~ 終 わ り な き 悲 し み ~] (Single)

[2002.07.31] Rainy days never stays (Single)

[2002.10.09] I'M SO SORRY BABY (Single)

[2002.12.04] THE WINTER ALBUM (Album)

[2007.08.22] Stand by me (Single)

[2007.12.12] Enemy (Single)

[2008.02.06] Ash Like Snow (Single)

[2008.02.20] the brilliant green complete single collection '97 -'08 (Compilation)

[2010.02.24] LIKE YESTERDAY (Single)

[2010.06.30] Blue Daisy (Single)

[2010.08.18] I Just Can not Breathe ... (Single)

[2010.09.15] BLACKOUT (Album)

[2014.07.23] The Swingin 'Sixties (Album)

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