Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Do As Infinity

Artist: Do As Infinity
Genre: Pop, Rock
Origin: Japan

[2000.03.23] Break of Dawn (1st album)

[2001.02.21] New World (2nd Album)

[2001.09.19] Deep Forest (3rd Album)

[2002.12.26] True Song (4th Album)

[2003.11.27] Gates of Heaven (5th Album)

[2005.02.16] Need Your Love (6th Album)

[2009.09.30] Eternal Flame (7th Album)

[2011.01.19] Eight (8th Album)

[2012.02.29] Time Machine (9th Album)

[2012.10.10] Do As Infinity X (10th Album)

[2014.01.01] The Best of Do As Infinity (Best Album ~1st - 10th Album~)

[2015.02.25] BRAND NEW DAYS (11th Album)

Status >> Album complete, single not complete

Album from 1st - 10th won't be processed, because there is a best album that covered all of past albums

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Do As Infinity
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