Wednesday, February 10, 2016

New Features in 2016 on dragall

Hi my friends, I have decided to keep the download links on my blog. And also, I want to introduce some new features in 2016 on this blog. You can see below:

- Adding Rating Post. I think this feature is very useful, so that you can see about how good the posts are. And I can see that too. I need feedback from you, so I can manage this blog to be better.

- Adding My Rating (Canceled). This is the rating of my version. Maybe you agree or disagree with this rating. But, I have to give rating too. I give the rating for the musics based on musical instruments, not the lyrics, since I love instrumental musics. You can see this rating beside tracklist.

- Adding Link Exchange. You can see my link exchange on lower-right part of this blog. And this is also useful for me. For you who want to do link exchange, you can post on my facebook fanpage. Just click the image "let's exchange link" on lower-right part of this blog, you will be directly go to this fanpage link.

And if you have any better ideas or suggestion for this blog, just comment below. Thanks, my friends. :)


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