Friday, September 5, 2014

nano (ナノ)

Artist: nano (ナノ)
Genre: Pop Rock, Alternative, Electronica, Rock
Origin: Japan

[2012.03.14] nanoir (1st Album)

[2012.05.23] Now or Never (Single)

[2012.10.10] No pain,No game ナノver. (Single)

[2013.02.27] N (2nd Album)

[2013.10.30] nano - SAVIOR OF SONG Feat. MY FIRST STORY (Compilation)

[2013.10.30] SAVIOR OF SONG ナノver. (Single)

[2014.02.19] Born to be ナノver. (Single)

[2014.07.23] INFINITY≠ZERO/SABLE ナノver. (Single)

[2015.01.28] Rock on. (3rd Album)
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No pain, No game


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